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If you have raised your sons and daughters in the Christian faith, you probably care about how their faith will be nurtured in the years to come. That is a very important issue when it comes to choosing a college.

Unfortunately, most colleges and universities today are highly secular. Atheism or agnosticism is assumed. Science (or “scientism”) has taken the place of religion. Anyone who believes in God is considered a fringe person, someone who is naïve and out of touch with reality. Religious students are often mocked. I know this from my own personal experience.

Even worse, many colleges and universities that were founded by a church, or have a relationship with a church, have become predominantly secular. Most of the majors are not religious and most of the faculty members are not committed Christians. Students can get a degree without ever taking a course on the Bible, or having a Christian instructor, or attending a chapel service. Their college experience can be totally secular.

A study done years ago concluded that students who believe religious values are important when they are freshmen, often believe religious values are less important by the time they are seniors. I am not surprised. Students on most campuses today are surrounded by students, faculty, and staff who do not practice a faith or value religion.


Fortunately, there are still a few hundred colleges and universities like PacRim that consist of Christians teaching Christian subjects to Christians. All of our students and faculty are Christians. Most of our faculty members are pastors. All of our majors are Christian— Biblical Studies, Bible & Christian Ministry, Bible & Worship Arts, Bible & Pastoral Ministry, and Theology.


We do all that we can to help our students to grow in their faith—to learn the Word of God, to enhance their relationship with Christ, and to learn how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives. We do all that we can to prepare them for a life of leadership, serving God in the ministry or the marketplace. We are not perfect, but we are dedicated to nurturing the faith of each of our students.

I urge you to give this issue careful thought, and discuss it with your sons and daughters. The impact could be eternal.


In Christ,

Dr. Kent M. Keith